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Clinical Care

It’s important to your ongoing health and wellbeing that you receive quality care and management as required, or on a continuous basis. Our fully qualified and experienced REGISTERED NURSE will liaise with your doctor, pharmacist, allied health professional, or anyone else involved in your care, to ensure you receive the best care possible in the comfort of your own home. Nursing services are available on all Home Care Packages. Our nursing staff can offer ongoing support in-home visits through to regular daily care, depending on your requirements.

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Doctor taking blood pressure of older patient

Nursing Services

Our services, tailored to your individual needs, include:

  • Aged Care Assessments for high level Home Care Packages

  • Wound care

  • Blood pressure monitoring daily

  • UTI testing and monitoring

  • Medication review, including liaison with your doctor and pharmacist

  • Chronic disease management such as diabetes, heart disease, and respiratory disease

  • Post-operative care

  • Observations, including blood pressure, blood glucose levels, oxygen saturation, temperature, weight, UTI

  • Continence management

  • Medication management

Medical Supplies and Equipment

We can help you purchase:

  • bandages and dressings, creams and other medical equipment

  • incontinence supplies

  • diabetes management supplies

  • nutritional supplements such as Sustagen and Proform

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