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Compliments & Complaints

CAPAH Multicultural respects the right of all individuals to provide compliments, complaints and feedback, and actively encourages all feedback. Your compliments and complaints help us identify and resolve issues and facilitate opportunities for service improvement.

We encourage feedback regarding our services, staff, webpage, documentation, and any other issue related to our work. We see feedback as a tool for process improvement and foster a “no blame” culture.
All complaints are managed confidentially, fairly, promptly and without discrimination. We recognise and promote the right of all clients and their advocates to complain without fear of retribution or compromising the quality of the service they receive. Employees and volunteers are also encouraged to identify problems and make complaints of appropriate nature. They also do so without fear of repercussions.

In the first instance, we encourage you to raise your compliment or complaint either by filling in the appropriate form or, if you feel comfortable, speaking with the team member concerned.

How to Give a Compliment or Make a Complaint


Speak directly to a CAPAH Multicultural staff member or to our manager



Write to us by mail - CAPAH Multicultural, PO Box 41 Warilla NSW 2528



Call us on 02 4297 7546

Alternatively, you may contact one of the following external agencies for further assistance.


If you have a concern about the care you or someone else is receiving, it is important that you talk about it. Any person, including consumers or their family members, friends, or aged care staff, can make a complaint about an Australian Government funded aged care provider to the Commission. Complaints may relate to any aspect of service including care, choice of activities, discrimination, catering, communication or the physical environment.


Visit the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission website to make a complaint, learn more about the complaints process and the services available to help you.

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The Older Persons Advocacy Network, funded by the Australian Government Department of Health, delivers the National Aged Care Advocacy Program. Their network of members provide free, confidential, and independent support to older people seeking or receiving government-funded aged care services, their families, and representatives across Australia. They provide information about all available options to address your concern and support you to engage with the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission. They also offer translation and interpreter services.

Visit the OPAN Aged Care Rights page to learn more about how they can support you and to utilise their translation and interpreter services.


If you have a concern about your current NDIS supports or services, it's important to talk about it. Anyone receiving NDIS supports or services can make a complaint about an NDIS Provider.


Visit the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission website to make a complaint, learn more about the complaints process and the services available to help you.

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